Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Garden



Green Beans


Goals update

So a little while ago I posted some goals that I had wanted to achieve. Here is my progress:

Lose Weight: ......................................
Start Couponing: cutting coupons but forgetting them when we go to the store! Doesn't make sense does it!
Get good Job: no job yet-not even a bad one.
Pay off Debt: not even close! Working on it, slowly $1 at a time.
Start Bonsai Bakery Business: the process-trying out homemade cake recipes that are to die for.
Take pictures: Charlie has been using the camera for one of his classes so, no pictures for me. Plus I don't like pics of myself-you know when you don't look good!
Travel around St. George: working on it. Love Sand Hallow, Charlie goes fishing at a lake that I don't remember the name of, we would like to go camping there. It's on my list.
Exclamation addiction: Still have it!!!!!!
Stop drinking I ... can't.....bu.......on......oh....come.......on!!!
Become organized: Getting better. Charlie went through a lot, so now I have no idea where things are. Now I have to go through everything again so I can get rid of stuff I don't need or use. Anyone is welcome to come on by to see if they want anything!
My little Garden: I will take pictures and post them tonight! It's soooo cute.

Charlie and I started playing Tennis! Yup TENNIS!! I actually kind of like it-and no I don't wear the cute little skirts(YET). One day! Hopefully this will help with Goal numero UNO!

Will update everyone how the goals are going or not going!

It's been a while!

The summer is quickly coming to an end :(! I have been looking for a job since I graduated and have found: 0 jobs. I had an interview yesterday for a part time position at Snow Canyon High School and have another interview for Riverside Elementary on Monday. That's about it! All summer long!!!!!! I am so sick of applications I can't even spell my name right!

So, other than that life has been good. We went to the July 4th festivities in St. George and saw these so cute puppies, shih-tzu of course, I fell in love and if we were allowed to have another dog I wouldn't have hesitated! They were only $200 bucks for a GIRL!! Girl dogs are so much more expensive then boy dogs. But, when we buy a house I am totally getting another dog!! I love Sihpo to death and I think he is bored with us and needs a friend to keep him company. Sihpo goes on little slumber parties to his friends house. Yes he has a friend. His name is Bruce. It's quite funny because if we say "Bruce" out loud, Sihpo gets really excited and you know he knows what you are talking about. He is THE CUTEST dog EVER!

Ok so I have rambled on long enough about my baby! Mom is coming back from California! Dad is coming to Utah-back from Iraq! School starts the 13th of August! I have no job! Ok I think I got it out of my system.

Charlie just got offered to teach Summer School until school starts. How cool is that! I am so excited for him! That means a little more mula coming in! We can always use the mula!