Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Job

So I sort of got layed off/put on the on-call list a couple of weeks ago. Last Friday, I got a call to come in for an interview where I work for a different job. Although I was working with troubled teens, this new job would be working with troubled young adults-18 and older. So I go in on Monday, they ask me to come back and do a "shadow" a couple of hours later and then the next morning they call me and tell me that I got the job!!! COOL! So I worked Monday night (shadowing), Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning. These "adults" are freakin' crazy!! I feel like I need to watch every move they make. I am having a hard time transitioning from structured babysitting, to just babysitting!! I have to let them get in trouble so they can learn from their mistakes!! Much easier said than done!! Trust me!

My little brother might possibly be moving down to St. George to live with me and Charlie so that he can get a new start and get away from all the bad people in Utah County that he has been known to hang out with! I am excited and scared at the same time because I want him to finish high school/GED but have bugged him too much that if he were to live with us, and having my number 1 rule be for him to finish might disuade him from coming? Either way I guess I kinda want him to come down!
So after Charlie got home from his little retreat, he was both tired and relieved that it was over. After all he had to endure almost 24 hours with Kim (4th grade teacher). He claims that overall it was a really good trip, minus the stabs and rude comments by Kim. The day after they came back, Kim admitted that she thought Charlie was funny and pretty much the life of the party. Interesting!! Other than that things went well! He also said that the school only uses like 15-20% of the program and he uses like 80-90%. So I think he will keep doing what he is doing! He seems to be getting results and that's all that matters!