Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to me Tomorrow!!

So my birthday is tomorrow and I was kind of freaking out about it, though I still can't figure out why!! Crazy I know! I am starting to get over my anxiety about getting older and with the help of my family they continue to tell me that I am doing what I should be and that I should not be afraid or anxious about getting older!! After all I am only going to be 26 which is not 40!! So I guess it will be ok, for now!! Ask me next year!

I always forget to write about Charlie and since this is supposed to be both of our blog, here is a little about him.

Charlie has been doing great teaching his little third graders!! The kids put on different short plays last week, and after watching the video he recorded, it's absolutely adorable and makes me want to be a teacher!! He also decided that this year he will be home around 5, as opposed to last year where he stayed until about 7-8pm every day. It's good to have him home earlier cause then we can have dinner together and at a decent hour!