Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Future Goals

After posting about Memorial Day I just realized how out of the loop I really am!!!

Here are some future goals:

Start couponing!
Lose weight (I think everyone has this goal!)
Get good job!
Pay off Debt!!
Start Bonsai Bakery Business!!!!!!!!!
Take Pictures!! Lots of them!
Travel around St. George-who knows how long we will be here!
Quite putting an exclamation point after every sentence!
STOP DRINKING DR.PEPPER!!!!! (don't know if that will happen, maybe when pigs fly?)
Become organized! (yeah right)
Maintain my little garden!

These are just for starters! Will probably add more to the list later! I think the list is actually more like a mile long.

Memorial Day

Yesterday we went on a little adventure to Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane!! I wanted to do something different then normal! Sitting and watching TV or going to a movie seemed boring and monotonous! So, Saturday I decided that this holiday was going to be different. I told Charlie and at first he was like "what? why?" but then when we got there he started to change his mind.

We brought Sihpo along with us, which was kind of interesting! I had never thought to bring him to a lake before because I thought that dogs were not allowed though in previous years at various lakes I had seen people bring them. Not long after we arrived other people with dogs start arriving so I didn't feel bad.

We unpacked our towels and chairs and tied Sihpo to the cooler with his leash! It was time to go into the water! It was a little cold at first but felt good at the same time! When I was about half way in I decided that it was time for Sihpo to get in the water for the first time. The only water he has ever been in was the bath. I didn't know if he could swim but I thought the only way to find out was to throw him in. (Not literally!) I grabbed him and started wading through the water. When I was about half way in, I lightly dropped Sihpo into the water and low and behold his legs started going crazy!! He was ultimately FREAKED out!!

I picked him and his little legs kept going like he was swimming! It was hilarious!! He did NOT like being in the water so when I was holding him, legs thrashing he scratched me up a bit. I set him in the water again and he immediately started for the shore! I followed him and hooked him back up to the leash! He wanted to be with us but not in the water so when Charlie and I were in the water he kept running for us, pulling the cooler along with him! He did the same thing when he saw other dogs! I can't believe what an adorable and funny dog he is!

After putting Sihpo back on the leash I went back out and decided that I wanted to attempt to swim-on the floaty thing-to the farthest free standing rock by the buoys! It took me a while but I did it. When I got back Charlie looked me over and was like-"Do you know how long it took you?", I replied "Yup, A LONG TIME!" He pointed out that I had obtained a lovely rash on my chin! I was laying on my stomach on the floaty thing and my chin rested on the pillow so when I pedaled with my arms my chin would scrape the pillow-hence the rash on my chin!

Charlie's skin is pretty sensitive so he was constantly putting sunscreen on. The only place that he even showed a hint of color-his elbows!! That'll make for a nice tan line! Me on the other hand wanted to get some sun so I wouldn't be so ghostly white! I did put on a little sunscreen so that I wouldn't burn too badly-I received a nice little burn that is now turning into a itty bitty wanna be tan! I have to burn like 20 times before I remotely show that I have even been in the sun!

So that was our lovely adventure at Sand Hollow State Park! This was I think our first excursion around St. George by ourselves. The only other time we have gone anywhere was with John and Angie-Charlie's sister and brother-in-law-and that was to a little hike by the "Dixie" painted rock and to the Gunlock reservoir! So in the year and a half that we have lived here we haven't done much! This summer I hope to change that! Since we don't have a lot of money, there are plenty of things to do around here!

Memorial Day FUN at Sand Hollow State Park

This is the rock that I swam to on the floaty thing!

Before Sihpo entered the water!

After the water!