Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It has definitely been a while since I have posted a blog! I haven't really been feeling in the mood to write on the blog as not much has changed other than I guess I came home on December 15, 2009-from Florida! I stayed in Provo, Utah until just after Christmas where Charlie and I came home to our cozy little townhouse...

I was home for about a month and then decided that I needed to do something that would get me a job...so I went back up to Provo the 1st of February and enrolled in a Phlebotomy class! I was supposed to take it in Salt Lake City however, I did not have transportation to get there...I could get there by riding the UTA but, I wouldn't have a way back to Springville where I was staying. So to make a long story short, I ended up taking a shorter Phlebotomy class-taught by the same company-at MATC in Orem, Utah. That class only took two weeks to complete and am now certified in Utah to draw blood and do lab stuff...:) Yaye! I took the National exam on February 26th so that I would be able to get a job anywhere if that was the case but, I don't get my score for four weeks from the 26th of February-which means...next week I should know if I passed or not!

I have been looking for a job non-stop and am wondering if I will ever find anything career worthy here in St. George without having "connections"? My life has gone a little down hill, so far that I haven't made a cake since October...now that is depressing! Wait, I did make a 3D 6 inch soccer ball for Tanner's-nephew-birthday! It was rather difficult as I did not have my tools with me but I will post pics of it as soon as I find the camera........

We also found out that Charlie will be getting (excuse if I spell it wrong-and don't tease me because I am an English major) tenure....which means he won't be able to get fired as easily, not that that will ever be the case but, it I guess it is more of job security.

I am getting house hungry...we have too much crap and we live in a two bedroom townhouse! That should be enough room right? Well I guess I am quite the crafty person and have lots of books so I pretty much take over the spare room! I would also love to have a bigger kitchen, there just isn't enough room for two people in the kitchen...maybe if I lost more weight???

Speaking of weight, I have lost a total of drum roll please.........28 lbs since November!!! I have kind of gone into a set point and am staying at that because, well...life! I am however, back on a diet of sorts and am trying to exercise as much as I can-will do a lot more when I don't feel so ill!

For those of you that actually read my blog, I just want to take a moment and apologize! Why you might ask...well, I am very depressing and seem to put myself down a lot, I may even say that I don't like my life but, the honest truth is that I guess I use this blog to vent a little bit...so I am sorry if reading this depresses you, that is not my intention and will work on livening it up a bit!