Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It has definitely been a while since I have posted a blog! I haven't really been feeling in the mood to write on the blog as not much has changed other than I guess I came home on December 15, 2009-from Florida! I stayed in Provo, Utah until just after Christmas where Charlie and I came home to our cozy little townhouse...

I was home for about a month and then decided that I needed to do something that would get me a job...so I went back up to Provo the 1st of February and enrolled in a Phlebotomy class! I was supposed to take it in Salt Lake City however, I did not have transportation to get there...I could get there by riding the UTA but, I wouldn't have a way back to Springville where I was staying. So to make a long story short, I ended up taking a shorter Phlebotomy class-taught by the same company-at MATC in Orem, Utah. That class only took two weeks to complete and am now certified in Utah to draw blood and do lab stuff...:) Yaye! I took the National exam on February 26th so that I would be able to get a job anywhere if that was the case but, I don't get my score for four weeks from the 26th of February-which means...next week I should know if I passed or not!

I have been looking for a job non-stop and am wondering if I will ever find anything career worthy here in St. George without having "connections"? My life has gone a little down hill, so far that I haven't made a cake since October...now that is depressing! Wait, I did make a 3D 6 inch soccer ball for Tanner's-nephew-birthday! It was rather difficult as I did not have my tools with me but I will post pics of it as soon as I find the camera........

We also found out that Charlie will be getting (excuse if I spell it wrong-and don't tease me because I am an English major) tenure....which means he won't be able to get fired as easily, not that that will ever be the case but, it I guess it is more of job security.

I am getting house hungry...we have too much crap and we live in a two bedroom townhouse! That should be enough room right? Well I guess I am quite the crafty person and have lots of books so I pretty much take over the spare room! I would also love to have a bigger kitchen, there just isn't enough room for two people in the kitchen...maybe if I lost more weight???

Speaking of weight, I have lost a total of drum roll please.........28 lbs since November!!! I have kind of gone into a set point and am staying at that because, well...life! I am however, back on a diet of sorts and am trying to exercise as much as I can-will do a lot more when I don't feel so ill!

For those of you that actually read my blog, I just want to take a moment and apologize! Why you might ask...well, I am very depressing and seem to put myself down a lot, I may even say that I don't like my life but, the honest truth is that I guess I use this blog to vent a little bit...so I am sorry if reading this depresses you, that is not my intention and will work on livening it up a bit!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So...its been about a month or so since I have been gone! :( But, I will be back on December 15th!!! Yaye! I will be flying in to Salt Lake City!!! I am so excited to come home, but then I am so sad to be leaving beautiful Florida! Can't I have home and Florida all in one?

Thanksgiving was different this year! I don't remember having a Thanksgiving with my dad in a really long time! So I am glad that I was able to be here for that! It's also kind of weird but neat that everyone's big meals are so completely different. I mean from my moms in Utah and my dads in Florida...very different though the turkey is the same! I love my moms candied yams and Jeanne's (dad's wife) sweet potato casserole!!! mmmmmmm... they are both delicious! Though the casserole might be a little bit healthier...:) Jeanne also made stuffing with apples, and can I just tell you whatever else she did to that stuffing made it superb! It was SO yummy! Just talking about it is making me hungry! There are so many things that I love about the differences that when I actually get to make a turkey...I can combine all the awesome things that I have learned from both families.

The other day I went to the beach...Pensacola beach, and I was surprised to see so many people swimming and wake boarding. The last time I went was when I had first gotten to Pensacola and there was no one on the beach! I did have one goal while I was at the beach though...to find a whole sand dollar! I didn't find one, though I did find a lot that were broken up in a million little pieces. Guess I will just have to go back...

I think that Florida might be the place that I would like to live someday! Don't know when but I really do love it here. The weather is about the same as St. George, Utah but add 100% humidity! Plus you are so close to water everywhere! If dreams do come true I can't wait for mine to...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Florida update...

So I have been here in Pensacola/Gulf Breeze, Florida for three weeks now! I have updated and improved my resume as well as submitted it to the Keystone Internship Program! Yaye for me! I have also been applying my guts out for any and every job I think I can do! So hopefully I will at least get an interview with one of them...? who knows though!

Still working out! I am pretty tired though! Will weigh in tomorrow to see if all this working out has done anything! (cross your fingers)

Went and saw 2012 last night! It was pretty good although there are so darn many "the world is going to end" type movies that it didn't seem that much different! It did have some awesome special effects as well great cinematography though!

Ooh! I also bought my return ticket home last night! I will be officially be back in Utah on December 15th!!! For all those that miss me o' so much! :)

I am enjoying the time spent with my dad greatly! Sometimes I feel like I am a little girl again and think I am going to get in trouble for some stupid things that I do! I sure used to be timid! It seems that it hasn't gone away! My dad is going to Disney World this weekend...and no I am not going! Bummer... It's OK though! He better bring me a souvenir though...lol! It will give me a chance to get better acquainted with little Gulf Breeze and the beautiful water!