Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Florida update...

So I have been here in Pensacola/Gulf Breeze, Florida for three weeks now! I have updated and improved my resume as well as submitted it to the Keystone Internship Program! Yaye for me! I have also been applying my guts out for any and every job I think I can do! So hopefully I will at least get an interview with one of them...? who knows though!

Still working out! I am pretty tired though! Will weigh in tomorrow to see if all this working out has done anything! (cross your fingers)

Went and saw 2012 last night! It was pretty good although there are so darn many "the world is going to end" type movies that it didn't seem that much different! It did have some awesome special effects as well great cinematography though!

Ooh! I also bought my return ticket home last night! I will be officially be back in Utah on December 15th!!! For all those that miss me o' so much! :)

I am enjoying the time spent with my dad greatly! Sometimes I feel like I am a little girl again and think I am going to get in trouble for some stupid things that I do! I sure used to be timid! It seems that it hasn't gone away! My dad is going to Disney World this weekend...and no I am not going! Bummer... It's OK though! He better bring me a souvenir though...lol! It will give me a chance to get better acquainted with little Gulf Breeze and the beautiful water!

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