Monday, May 19, 2008

School's 'IN' before School's 'OUT'

This is my first blog ever!!! But I am happy to join this new kind of family! So on with the story of my life. I will be starting school again today! that means two months of hard work!! At least it's only two months and not the normal four. Dixie Middle School gets out this friday so I will be out of a job! well, until August! I have been looking at jobs but there just isn't anything really available unless I work at a department store or fast food which I don't really want. But it would only be for two months or so!! I guess I am trying to convince myself to work at a department store temporarily. On another note I will have my associate's degree in July!!!! Yaye for me!! FINALLY! hopefully I will have my bachelors next summer and start my secondary ed next fall! That would be so awesome! I hope to finish with everything by 2010! I will be somewhat more accomplished then I am now, at least that's what is intended.