Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So I made it...last week that is! Sorry I didn't post sooner!

Florida is wonderful...The weather was overcast the first couple of days but is slowly getting warmer! The sun is out and there is a slight breeze...truly tranquil. I am only about a mile and half away from the water and about 5 miles away from the Gulf of Mexico!!! Can you believe it!

The water is sooo clear you can see the bottom and the sand is white! So pretty!!

Last Friday I went and got a new pair of running/walking shoes! And I walked a mile and a half that day, as well as saturday! However on Saturday, I got this huge blister about the size of a quarter! Man o man did it hurt! Sunday I went walking on the beach and made sure to walk in the salt water to help it heal faster! Since it hurt to put my shoes on, on Monday I walked around the block a couple of times in Flip-Flops!!! That hurt my calves...but I am sure it worked them! Yesterday I decided that my blister shouldn't hurt anymore and attempted to walk a mile to the gym and was successful!

My new routine...walk a mile to the gym, work out for 30 minutes and then walk back a mile!!! Pretty good plan I think!

So what is in store for me in florida during my visit...

My dad wants to take me to the Naval Museum
Go boating-where I can attempt to water ski! (Yeah right-couldn't do it when I was 12 so I doubt that I can do it now! But I am willing to try anything)
Eat lots of Fish!
Walk-a lot!
Go sightseeing
Get a job???

That's all I can think of right now but I am sure there will be more things coming up in the future. There is also Thanksgiving...this will be my first Thanksgiving with my dad in way tooooo many years! I am excited to spend the holidays with him and Jeanne!