Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer time!

For part of the summer, Charlie and I have decided to spend about a week-I know not very long-up in Provo with our families since most of the trips we take are only on the weekends. Trust me these trips create havoc for the next week! We never feel rested because we always have someone to see or something to do or always something...

We are leaving Sunday, June 7 and coming back June 14.

On June 14 Charlie's sister Kimberly is having her son-Maximus-blessed. He is absolutely adorable! I would take pictures but our camera is ill and is currently in the shop. I am frustrated because there are some monumental moments coming up this weekend that I will unfortunately have to fore go! Bummer!

Will bring 35mm but may take a while since I need to get the pics developed! Wow-I don't know many people that have one of those these days!

I am in the PAPER!!

So while at Sand Hollow State Park, a reporter from the Spectrum-the newspaper down in St. George-stopped us as we were about to get into the water. So I decided to answer her questions and if you click on this link-
-you can read all about me!! The article was published on May 26. Charlie is the one that found it by Googling me!