Sunday, October 11, 2009

what's new...?

So not a whole lot has happened in the last couple of months. Though I do expect some changes in the near future...

I have been asked to do a little three tiered birthday cake for one of charlie's friends at school for Thursday this week. Next week I have a wedding cake to do!!! Yaye! I have posted pictures of a miniature version of it as a trial run to see what it would actually look like all together on Facebook as well as

Fall break is this upcoming weekend and we will be going up to Provo to hang out with our family and celebrate my birthday with them-even though it is on Tuesday. On Sunday Charlie is going up to Snowbird for a week long training about using different ways to use technology in the classroom. So I will actually be heading back to St. George Sunday. It will be interesting being here all by myself for a whole week...

Among other news, Charlie and I have decided that I will be going to Florida. Pensacola, Florida to be with my Dad for a while. Since the job market isn't great down here, we are hoping that my Dad can help me get my resume in order and send it off to the Keystone program-which I am still learning about-they have a paid internship and then hopefully I can get an awesome job with the Federal Government. Will have more info once I talk more in depth with my Dad.

For all of those that are just soooo excited about me leaving...I am hoping to leave October 28th.

Oh...I am almost forgot-I finally got my Degree in the mail!!!!!!!!!! :)