Monday, September 7, 2009

What's new in life?

Not much has been happening though I sure do wish something would! I am still jobless! I don't understand why though! I mean I have skills that would land me a fabulous job, but have had no such luck!

Last week I learned that Charlie's terapbyte that he got for his birthday this year, is broken and cannot be fixed unless I pay like $500! To make matters worse...all of my pictures of cakes that I have made through the years are gone! GONE!!!!!! I am soo heart broken! So my goal is re-create the cakes that I have inadvertantly lost!

On a good note...I went and saw "Julie & Julia"! Sooooo good! Totally inspiring. So I have decided that maybe I should do something like that. But with cakes??? I have also wondered how people come across other people's blogs if they don't know someone who knows someone who knows you??!!